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Recognising professionals,

protecting designations

We recognise that Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) are a very diverse group of professional and employer bodies, regulators and those with a statutory authority over a profession or group of professionals. To reflect this the PrivySeal solution is focused on providing dynamic credentials whereby certification and other digital documents are issued, revoked and re-issued depending on an individual PSRBs eligibility criteria, such as membership end date, payment of fees, and completion of CPD requirements. This allows credentials to be controlled by the issuer protecting themselves from individuals who do not meet the relevant standards.


Digital credentials can be processed, produced and delivered much faster than paper-based documents and the prospect of certificate alteration, fraud, identity theft and potential regulatory failure is dramatically reduced. Our Seal of Authenticity® is embedded in e-mails, websites and documents and links to the certificate/document, that is updated in real time (a PrivySeal and certificate example is shown below). This provides a range of direct benefits to PSRBs, their members, employers and the other stakeholders that they are presented to (as outlined in the diagram below).

PrivySeal’s powerful digital credential service makes qualifications, membership, licensing and other key claims visible using real-time seals and certificates. This helps individual PSRBs to protect their professional standards and designations; whilst empowering their professionals to showcase digital credentials anytime, anywhere.




Certificate of Membership

Two accredited professional designations:

  • Professional Accountants (SA)

  • Tax Practitioner


SAIPA PrivySeals may be automatically added to Annual Financial Statements and other statutory reports generated on CaseWare, Draftworx and other accounting software platforms.


Approximately 60,000 SAIPA PrivySeal viewed monthly (as at October 2020)


Key Outcomes:

Validation of professional status on key documentation, including Annual Financial Statements