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Do your clients need to issue digital certificates?


Do your clients wish to validate who their alumni, members, licensees etcetra are?


Do your clients wish to automate a key process, allowing for the immediate issue, revocation and re-issue (as appropriate) of digital certificates and seals (badges) by reference to their own CRM/ERP and other IT systems?


Would you like to add an ongoing annuity income stream to your revenue?

PrivySeal is interested in appointing Licensees to market and implement its Enterprise class digital credentialing and micro-credentialing services.

Our products and services are proven and used world-wide.

Licensees (and Channel Partners) are typically either consulting or IT service providers with sales teams.

Talk to us.  Application to be appointed as a Licensee or Channel Partner may be made by emailing or by messaging the Directors on LinkedIn.

To apply

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