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Graduation Ceremony



 Protect your institution,

 empower your graduates

Qualification certificates provide a vital contribution to a record of lifelong learning and achievement. Millions of paper-based documents are issued annually which are slow to produce, easy to fake or amend, and expensive to verify. While paper certification is undoubtedly useful in certain scenarios it does have its limitations.


The PrivySeal solution makes qualifications visible using real-time seals and certificates. The seals are embedded in e-mails, websites and documents and linked to the certificate image that is updated in real time. This provides a range of direct benefits to Institutions, their Graduates, Employers and other stakeholders that these Credentials are presented to, as outlined in the diagram below.


PrivySeal’s powerful digital credential service enables institutions to protect their reputation, reduce costs and streamline processes through adopting a secure approach to issuing and verifying digital certification.




Graduation Certificates


Five Qualifications, including:

  • Masters in Business Administration

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management Practice

  • Higher Certificate in Management Practice

  • Advanced Certificate in Management Practice

  • Advanced Diploma in Management Practice

Key Outcomes:

Protection of authentic qualification holders

Protection of Institution's Brand, IP and CI

Qualifications instantly verified, reducing cost and facilitating POPI / GDPR

Immediate certificate revocation on discovery of fraud

“We encourage all of our students to be pioneers in grasping the opportunities and challenges around digital identity. The value of the genuine, the original, the untarnishable is becoming greater every day. Trust is a critical currency in the digital world and this digital certification will build trust between service partners in the evolving fourth industrial revolution,” says Henley Africa’s Foster-Pedley. “Backing up their professional qualifications with this technology will help them to build their  businesses and reputations with confidence.”

"We are mutually excited about the partnership with PrivySeal. We are taking a stand against qualification fraud." (

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